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Seglager­in Ăgir was founded in 1913 and is one of the oldest continuously operating companies in Iceland. At first the company┤s main operations focused on services for the fishing industry, but later expanded to include a wide collection of products made from canvas, nylon, and other materials. For the last 20 years the company┤s main focus has been to import and sell trailers, caravans, motor homes, and accessories from Europe and USA. Seglager­in Ăgir has been owned by the same family for the last 60 years and is now owned and directed by Bj÷rgvin Bar­dal who is third generation General Manager.

Trailerland imports and sells trailers, pop up trailers, truck campers, caravans, mobile homes, and other products related to the travelling industry. We have a 800m2 show room and an outside area of around 4.000m2 where our 8 sales representatives work.
Our sewing factory is the only one in Iceland that manufactures a wide range of products from canvas and other related materials, e.g., awnings, tents tarpaulins, and sails for a wide range of clients.
In the service department assembling and care taking of all repairs regarding caravans and trailers are done by a highly skilled staff, that include electricians, mechanics, and gas experts.
For all major events, our staff working in the tent rental and accessories department provide professional and personal service to our customers, that include major Icelandic companies in both the private and public sector.
During the summer season around 60 people work in all four departments and around 35 during the winter season. The fact that we sell around 400 ľ 450 units of trailers, caravans, and mobile cars, each year, makes Seglager­in Ăgir the largest company of it┤s kind in Iceland regarding to size, number of employees, turnover, and number of sold units.
Our main brands today are Tabbert, Holi Camp, Trigano, Palomino, Joint, and Tec.
I hope this brief introduction about Seglager­in Ăgir will give you some insight into our company and that we may do business together in the future.
Best regards from Iceland,
Bj÷rgvin Bar­dal
General Manager

Seglager­in Ăgir - Eyjarslˇ­ 5, 101 ReykjavÝk - SÝmi: 511 2200 - Fax: 511 2211 - seglagerdin@seglagerdin.is

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